From the visit to the study of the heliportation site, through the submission of files to the authorities concerned, we are available 7 days a week to carry out the most sensitive heliportations.

The five Jet Systems Helicopter Services bases in Valence, Clermont-Ferrand,
Méribel-Courchevel, Porto-Vecchio and Paris allow us to be close to your sites.

As soon as the heli-lift exceeds three hours, we provide you with free refueling trucks that meet ADR standards. Our flight assistant, equipped with an EPI suit, is regularly trained and in permanent radio contact with the pilot. The loads travel under our responsibility as soon as they are hooked up.

The references and approvals on framework markets ENEDIS, EDF, GRTGAZ, ONF, SNCF as well as the quality system of the company guarantee you a work carried out in the rules of art.


AS 350 B2

Lifting capacity of the B2 Squirrel
How much can an AS 350 B2 helicopter lift

Lifting capacity of the Squirrel B3
How much can an AS 350 B3 helicopter lift?

Aerial work with slings by professionals

Our company benefits from a real know-how and a great experience in helicopter lifting, making it a key player on the aerial market. Today, we have more than 30,000 hours of helicopter lifts to our credit.

We transport all types of loads: concrete, pylons, relay antennas, air conditioners, swimming pools, signs, and we also carry out pruning, logging, unrolling of tree protection nets, cables, fiber optics, and supply of refuges.